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Green light for national grant for upgrading and converting rail freight engines


The Dutch government has been given the green light by the EU to provide a 22.2 million euro grant for upgrading existing signalling and speed control systems in rail freight engines.

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This has been known for some time, but with the publication of the new ERTMS grant scheme in the Government Gazette, the scheme for upgrading and converting engines is now fully available. 

The ERTMS Programme is happy to see this important next step. The scheme, which as of yet is unique in Europe, combines national and European grant funds (CEF). With the approval from Brussels, there is now a green light for vehicle owners to come up with project proposals.

Parties requiring advice or who want to ask questions about drawing up a proposal can ask the ERTMS Vehicle Owners and Transporters implementation team. This department of the programme was put in place especially to provide support to industry parties in various ways with the implementation of ERTMS in the coming years.

If you have any questions about this release or the scheme,  then please send an email to loket.iemev@prorail.nl.