ERTMSEuropean Rail Traffic Management System is the international standard voor railway safety. ERTMS is implemented in both train and track.

ERTMS in the Netherlands

The European Rail Traffic Management System is the international standard for railway safety. It is a single European signalling and speed control system that ensures interoperability of national railway networks. ERTMS is installed into trains and infrastructure. We are making a change from an analogue to a digital railway and are preparing for the future. In the Netherlands, in Europe, and beyond.

ERTMS makes railways safer, more reliable, and more interoperable. By implementing ERTMS, we will increase capacity and simplify cross-border rail traffic. ERTMS also introduces a different manner of cooperation in the railway sector. In 2030, ERTMS needs to be implemented on the busiest tracks in the Netherlands. That is why the entire railway sector is preparing for this now.

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The organisation

All organisations in the railway sector are responsible for part of the transport chain. Every organisation has their role to play. Together we complete the puzzle.

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The topics

The ERTMS Programme Management outlines the frameworks that the implementing organisations (the users of the railway infrastructure) must comply with. These frameworks include a range of topics.


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Many users play a part in the deployment of ERTMS in the Netherlands. The users of the railway network must prepare their own organisations for this new system.


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