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Certification STM-ATBEG/Vv obtained


On 18 June 2020, the sale of the STM ATBEG/Vv started, and now its certification has been obtained as well.

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The STM ATBEG/Vv has been certified by TÜV Süd in accordance with the description of the STM-ATBEG/Vv data sheet. After a 4-year process, this certification is the crowning achievement of the STM-ATBEG/Vv development team's work.

Update technical documents

Now that the STM-ATBEG/Vv has been certified, all documents under the audit's scope have the definitive status. A number of prior published and altered documents have been replaced and a number of documents have been added. Whether the document has been replaced or is new can be found next to each document.

The technical documents that have been made available can be found below this news release.


Any questions regarding this message or the contents of the documents can be sent to loket.ertms@prorail.nl.

The information in this release has been composed with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, no rights can be derived from its contents.