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Documents market consultations trackside ERTMS equipment 2019


Please find attached two documents with regard to two separate market consultations for the trackside ERTMS equipment for the Netherlands. For your convenience, ProRail has decided to share this information at the same time. The following documents are shared:

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  1. Handouts of the “ERTMS Railshow”, April 2019;
  2. General Report Market Consultation “Specificaties voor ERTMS beveiligingssysteem Infrastructuur (TN216688)”, August 2019.

Both documents represent only the exchanged information at the moment of first sharing, being April 2019 and August 2019 respectively.

We kindly thank anyone who was involved with the market consultations and we appreciate the cooperative manner in which information was exchanged.

Please note that the sole purpose of this publication is to inform you about the output of these separate market consultations. With regard to future tenders, the shared information is preliminary and non-binding. All information can be subject to change without prior notification. No rights can be derived from the shared information.  

Questions about this information can be directed to Matthijs.Kuhlmann@prorail.nl.

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